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Small Business School of Design Career Training Center is a Private Vocational School provided as a resource to individuals seeking to become professionals in the Graphic Design, Social Media Management, Sales and Website Design. As a private non institutional program we felt it was inherently in the interest of our students to not seek accreditation and approval from 3rd party sources due to the time loss associated with curriculum changes and adaptations to the methods used to train students.

This is extremely common in the very best schools associated with the extremely rapid changing world associated with the World Wide Web, Social Media and Digitally created Graphic Arts. Things change so fast that students need programs that allow them to learn the basics, but also have time and opportunities to ramp up and through all of the changes in the industry. Failure for any school or program to provide real on time solutions to this huge educational gap could prove very detrimental to anyone seeking to really enter into one of these careers. Which is why our program allows for latitude, flexibility and support to keep the student in a learning, mentoring internship mode as long as it takes for them to feel ready to make the transition into the industry. Our ability to provide hands on real time work on cutting edge technology with real live businesses and their projects is unmatched in the industry. We are proud to also have a benefactor who is financially able to literally pay for all student tuitions if need be in lieu of a work study program, paid and unpaid internship programs. Feel free to review your options below. We recommend the work study option to all students due to the vast increase in hands on the job training with real live business clients.



Students who typically choose to self pay their tuition instead of using the work study payment plan option since it is NOT based on financial need tend to do so because of one, or more, or all of the following reasons.

  • You want to get through the program very quickly and time is worth more to you than the cost of tuition or the added training and skill sets that come with the work study program.
  • You do NOT feel the need to get additional training benefits that come with the work study payment plan.
  • You are confident on how you will utilize your training after you graduate and do not feel a need for the additional inclusions into your portfolio that come from working with the work study real business clients.

With this option you choose to pay by the semester/course!

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Cost is $1000 each course, 4 courses, with a total of $4000. You will have 10 weeks to complete all academics and 1 additional week each semester to complete required assignments. You are free to transfer to a work study student at your own discretion at any time. However, you will not be refunded any tuitions paid to date if you choose to do so. Some students do change from Full Time Tuition Paid Students to Work Study Students at some point because they want the additional training and support, or they find it hard to stay on track time wise and want the added flexibility associated with study at your own pace allowed for inside the work study program.

If you are interested in flying through the courses, getting certified and then going off your own, this would be your best option.

Remember! Work Study is available to ALL enrolled student in good standing.


Hurry, there are a limited amount of students per semester. Enroll in our Traditional Tuition Program Now!

work-study  The work study program is an amazing opportunity for students to work live with real live projects from real live businesses. Not to mention that students who are in good standings in the work study program never have any out of pocket expenses for tuition except for nominal lab fees, software, computer and internet expenses.

Minimum Work Study time is 11 weeks per semester. As a student you learn at your own pace and are free to get as much professor interaction as you would like. You may also take as long as you need to complete the program so long as you are actively pursuing your academics on a consistent basis and… if a work study student, stays current with their assignments. Students who wish to slow things down and take longer will be entitled to receive additional support, mentoring and training during this additional time. The school assesses a $100 per week fee for students who take longer than the 11 weeks. This is offset 100% by the continuation of work study hours so no out of pocket tuition expense is ever required.

If you choose the Work Study Option, you must continue to work in the work study program 10-15 hours each week, no less, until graduation. Exceptions include pre-approved urgent personal sabbaticals and Holidays. Students who fail to perform as required in their work study assignments and are dropped from the work study program will be allowed to continue as a traditional tuition paid student.

WORK STUDY IS THE WAY TO GO! Your skill sets will be fine tuned and the hands on experience will make you ready for the work force!

BONUS available ONLY to work study students with a 3.5 gpa or higher.  Some will be offered a part time to a full time paid intern position possibly leading to a full time position with either the school as a teacher, or teacher’s aide.  While the others will be offered some sort of position with the school’s benefactor Total Custom Solutions.

There are a limited amount of students enrolled into each semester start date. So, Hurry! Enroll with Our Work Study Scholarship Now!


Requirements & Options

You will need to provide a working computer with a web camera and a microphone and have reasonable internet speed. Graphic Design Students will need to also have a recent version of Photoshop and or other software. Most are leasable for as low as $19.95 a month from Adobe or Corel.

Upon proper Graduation you will get letters from your professors and staff along with your Certification and you will be able to add all projects you’ve worked on into your professional portfolio and school supplied website.


We will contact you to discuss your needs, questions and options within a few days.

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