Real Time Work Experience

According to a recent 2013 study about 1/3 of ALL Americans who graduated with a post high school education never worked a day in the field that they majored in. With many educations costing upwards of $80,000.00 or more that statistic is frightening. Various other statistics say that over 80% of ALL post high school graduates ended up with totally different careers.

When questioned it almost always boiled down to a lack of real world experience in their field. They may have the education… but, without a resume with real in depth real world experience the jobs just were not there. That is why non paid intern programs have been so popular. It helped bridge some of the gap and opened up the door for some graduates to break through into the career that they chose in school.

However, intern programs tend to be very limited and students dont really get hands on in their field. Most get to watch others if they are lucky from a distance while they perform many meaningless subordinate rolls throughout their entire intern program.

Small Biz Dezines Career Training Center has been evolved to resist that very serious set of obstacles and to assist students in opportunities to grow while working inside real world live projects with real world live businesses. This experience is priceless and we know of no other school that puts this much attention into real world training. Students split their focus into 2 to 4 major areas (work study students (4))… Classroom education style work, Projects and assignments that they create from scratch and build on over their education, and real world collaborative work associated with the print, website or social media arenas, and support roles working closely with small business owners on their needs and projects.

Students who graduate gain serious skills, experience and a killer resume to assist them on their future life experiences. Many end up owning their own firms, while many others find work in larger firms as an in house department head. While almost all at least earn a solid part time income in their field. This beats virtually every other school or training center and makes your education here at Small Biz Dezines Career Training Center something to be very proud of.