Post Graduate Intern & Entrepreneural Opportunities

Everyone who Graduates from the Small Biz Dezines Career Training Center is helped with a resume that includes every project for every company that they ever worked on or collaborated on. This is a very impressive resume for even skilled seasoned career professionals. However, the resume is just apart of it.

Graduates are also give their own website that they can maintain and keep active after graduation to build an online portal and connection to all of the work that they produced and participated on. This added feature is critical in todays digital age.

All students have a chance to continue in some form or aspect of internship with our benefactor Total Custom Solutions. Be it part time or full time. Many of the better graduates are offered staff or freelance positions.

However, the kicker and most valuable of all of this is the assistance given to help each and every student start their very own business inside their field of expertise. They get to work closely with staff, teachers, mentors and other students to start and build and develop their own business. Even help in gathering new clients that are not already clients of the school or TCS.

We feel that collectively this “Post Graduate Internship and Entrepreneur Opportunity” is the finest available by any school.