Graphic Design Course Overview

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Welcome to the the Small Biz Dezines Career Training Center’s Graphic Arts Division. Each year we enroll individuals who desire to become professional graphic arts designers into our 1 – 2 year program.

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We welcome a limited number of students to our school each year. We are excited to have them as a part of our graphic arts program. Together they will learn what graphic arts is, how they work, and how to create them.

Students are trained in real time on the newest, freshest and most sought after methods, tools and platforms used currently in graphic arts design. All students also get significant real time experience on working hands on with real client graphics as part of our intern program.


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Small Biz Dezines Graphic Arts Career Training Center

We feel that this is the most comprehensive and intense career/vocational and educational training program for future graphic arts designers available online or through any traditional brick and mortar school. Not only do students get trained on the classic elements of graphic art design.

The Commercial Graphic Arts Design Program is carefully laid out and structured to give every student the skill sets they need to build, design and produce highly sought after and effective graphic and branding solutions for a wide array of businesses. Each student will be well versed on color theory, brand identities, and visual marketing techniques to maximise the results of your designs in the business world.

Graduates of our training program can expect to earn $20-30 an hour average on graphic design projects after they graduate from the program. Those that master the art of Brand Development make much much more. You will receive your Graphic Arts Intern Certification and a customized website to promote you as your own brand after you have successfully complete all required course curriculum and intern requirements. At which time all of those with higher GPA’s will be offered a full time or part time staff designer position with our benefactor Total Custom Solutions. Others may likely continue as a paid intern, a part time freelance designer or will be assisted in building their resume and portfolio. Assistance will be provided for job placement or on how to start your own graphic art design business. Many other schools promise to get you your first job. In commercial graphic arts world that could be designing a business card for a local business. We will help you establish and build your real career.

NOW AVAILABLE! 100% Tuition Paid Work Study Program

The fee for the Vocational Training Center including all aspects of the curriculum and intern program is about $4,000.00 for the whole year. Payable in 4 quarterly payments. Students do have an opportunity to work at their own pace and receive additional training or assistance from our instructors and Team Members. Added cost for this additional training is usually offset by work study and rarely has to be paid out of pocket by the student. We do not accept or participate in traditional state and federal loan and grant programs. However we do offer a work study plan for those applicants that are accepted into the program and do not feel that they can afford the tuition or want the added experience that the work study program provides. Work study is available to each and every accepted applicant and IS NOT based on financial need. It is the option of the new student to put in more hours in the program or putting in less hours overall and paying the tuition. There are additional perks with the work study program NOT the reverse. It is the belief of this school that the more real world graphic arts design practice and experience that a student gets the more they will succeed in the workplace. Our benefactor Total Custom Solutions pays the tuition for the work study student in lieu for the students 10-15 hours per week work study/intern work on real world client websites.

In addition to tuition, the only thing students will need is a reasonable computer and internet connection.

Only the highest ranked students will be offered the on staff positions with Total Custom Solutions.

However, ALL others will be granted a chance to work part-time through us as a freelance graphic arts designer upon program completion. ALL students are advised and helped on starting their very own graphic arts design business after graduation and certificate is in hand.

While we do not guarantee what is traditionally considered a “job”. Most Commercial Graphic Artists work freelance. However, our sister company and benefactor Total Custom Solutions does usually hire or offer positions to our top students each year. In addition, they offer many of our students the opportunity to take on several freelance projects.

In addition, all students who fully complete the course with good grades are given  full support and help with a personalized website to feature all of your work and to promote you as freelance designer. The combination of a solid portfolio, internship references from TCS and the proper website our graduates find it easy to find website design work quickly.

Core studies overview

Students participate and study each class section until it is learned, completed and then you will do a test project. Then you will advance to the next level. We have four quarters to the training program. Each Quarter is identified as freshmen to senior level courses. It is expected that students complete this total course in about 1 full calendar year. However, it is a home schooled program focused on your quality of learning and ability to grasp and learn the material more so than it is based on how fast you get through it. Thus, some excel and complete it in much less while some others take significantly longer. The classes are comprised of  in depth mastering of all aspects of Branding, Brand Identities and how to emote the personality and message of a brand through the graphics that you create. You will also be taught all traditional aspects of Commercial Art Layout & Design, Use of Color, Power of Font Choice,  and  Learn Gimp, Corel Draw, Photoshop & Illustrator Techniques. You skills and experience will prepare you to design everything from business cards to full magazine layouts. From designing custom branded logo and product images to laying out full marketing campaigns. You will work with a lot of real live business owners on projects that will go instantly into the real world marketplace. You will end up with a substantial portfolio and website to promote you and your skillsets.

Throughout your entire time as a student you will always be split focused. 1 side of your thinking will be focused on classroom learning about everything to do with branding and theory and logic etc. While the other side will be hands on real life applications of designing and creating logos, website banners and headers to business cards, brochures and screen print t-shirt designs and so much more.

Freshman students Educational Track will be all about Color, Color Theory & Harmony, learning what a brand is, how it works, the components and you will even start to design and create 10 fictitious brands. On the OJT On the Job Training you will quickly start to learn about templates and how to work with photoshop and start actually creating usable products for your fictitious brands. Those lucky enough to be part of the work study program will get real live projects for real live business clients right away and will be mentored by real designers and instructors. You will get to see first hand the finished results if it is a T-Shirt, Business Card or Banner. The art and photos will become part of your portfolio and prove you are worthy of hire.

Sophomore students will learn academically all about Brand Identities and Personalities and how to identify and relate to specific target markets through the use of visually created graphics. You will grow in appreciation and understanding on the use and power of fonts and layout choices. On the “OJT” side you will be given tougher assignments and be required to start to emote and create full brands for at least 10 companies. You will learn how to relate to each type of market and conditions. You will learn how to listen to a clients wants and their needs and how to translate that into an effective piece of artwork, design and layout suitable for their branding needs needs. You will be developed in such a way that you can handle more complex projects and how to work within ;ive client atmospheres. You will evolve into using at least 2-3 types of software programs. Learning the differences and the needs for vector and raster art and when one is better than the other. You will learn about layers, screens and how to create complex graphics for real world use.

Junior students will be fully developing the branding, theory and marketing plans for 10 brands academically and will learn the dynamics and needs associated with each target market. You will learn how to adapt your style into many forms and through the use of many software tools for dozens of type of print solutions. Here you will start to work with prepress preparation for a wide assortment of mediums. In the OJT side you will be starting to take real world projects through the full array from concept brand ideas and designs to fully produced lines of products and services for real world business and get to see the results of your work and learn what is more effective and how to be able to bring real change to a business owners needs. Making you a very valuable asset.

Senior students learn how to distinguish good branding from bad, How to interact with a brand and nudge it to a more effective tool to reach the clients target market. You will academically complete a full workup on 10 fictitious brands, all of their target markets, product liens, sales and marketing tools, labels etc. More importantly you will know how and why you made certain choices and be able to prove your choices were correct in a senior essay that wbe dressed to impress every future business owner who reads it in your portfolio and website.  on the OJT side you will learn, speed, efficiency, time management and results that pay and are profitable in use for the clients. To make money in this business you must first create awesome designs, they must be effective at promoting the brand, its mission and products to the right target audience. BUT you must also do so fast, efficently and make the client happy and excited to make it theirs and live with it for years. Those in work study will gain amazing lessons. Some hard some exhilarating and super exciting. You will conclude with a hard look at you as a brand and together we will figure out how to make you into a brand that every business owner wants to work with.

We reserve the right to modify and alter course material as the school sees fit to stay on top of the most current and comprehensive tools, systems, platforms and techniques. We refuse to be outdated and our graduates enter the field poorly prepared. Each class will be given a grade from 0 – 100. You will be permitted to go back over your existing class or go forward so long as you have a 70% or higher passing grade. Remember, if you are seeking a staff position you will need a final GPA of 85%.  Each of the four classes will weigh as follows on your final GPA. No one fails in our school – they get to retake whatever is needed to make sure they have mastered everything they need to be productive after graduation. Work as fast or as slow as needed to grasp every detail of your education.
  • Freshman –  20%
  • Sophomore –  10%
  • Junior –  15%
  • Senior – 20%
  • Final Project Rework – 10%
  • Paid Intern – 25%

We will be using a learning management system to teach you the different levels of training mentioned above. It is very similar to a regular online school. This will be a very fun and interactive environment for all of us learn in.

To apply for one of these coveted positions click here to apply. You will be considered for many reasons. However your ability to explain why you want to be a graphic art designer is important. You should somehow impress or dazzle us so your essay stands out above all of the others. Your financial ability to pay is not a factor at all due to the 100% tuition paid work study program available to all accepted applicants. Your transcripts from other schools, your other life experiences, trainings or community service activities will have some effect in your acceptance.

Fill out the application first then we will review to see if you are qualified for the Graphic Arts training program. If you are approved we will send you the contracts and agreements etc for you to sign and get back to us before you get started.

Good Luck,

Mike Daugherty