How do you determine the success of a graduate and how good a trade school, vocational school or even college or university is… 

Some would argue by the ratings the school gets, others would say it is job placement success after graduation, while others would show you a few super success stories and say reach for the stars they did and we helped. 
All good arguments on their own. Then why? Why do over 80% of all graduates end up doing something totally different than what they went to school for. 
They weren’t trained. They were NOT taught how to actually do the work in real world settings. Their little Utopian pretend classrooms are ok but do not let you learn under real world settings, pressures and circumstances. Teachers are spread too thin with too many kids to really train hands on. 
Small Biz Dezines prepares you in every sense of the word. Honest, real world training, coaching, work study programs and intern programs to totally and 100% FULL PREPARE AND TRAIN THE STUDENTS FOR SUCCESS. 
graduate success
Then they go even further, they prepare them for entrepreneurial success. Not only helping build an incredible portfolio and resume of work experience but also molding that into a website that will allow them to draw independent clients into the brand known as you and your business.
Plus, no other school gives you these amazing tools to show a prospective employer. Imagine fresh out of school and 50 plus projects under your belt on your portfolio and resume and a website to showcase your work, skill sets and abilities. Your worth and value and job prospects increase exponentially. Which is why our graduates succeed and stay in their field of choice. Most do end up owning their own business contracting multiple clients at a time. Maximizing, time, energy and wealth. 
These fields are the highest demand fields, paying those that are really good a significant income. Learn more and get going today. Best part… the work study program will pay ALL of your tuition. So, you graduate debt FREE!