About Us/Mission

Small Biz Dezines and the Career Training Center is a 35-year work in progress which really came together in  this general structure in 2008. We are always in the process of evolving and adapting. Our founders are second-generation management, consulting and troubleshooting experts with over 30 years of direct computer and website design expertise. Founding family members worked on the early punch card computer systems that you read about in history books. We were right there as the internet started to evolve. Building on line e-commerce sites that were active in 14 countries before there ever was a Yahoo or Google and Netscape or Navigator for those who know history. In the 1990’s we were building real time inventory and on-line sales sites for the automotive industry. Graphically, we were designing the first digital graphic art projects on early Mac’s with no hard drive and only 51/4″ floppies to run the basic paint program. 

Small Biz Dezines and its benefactor and sister company’s Total Custom Solutions’ ownership has continued to adapt and change over the years. We have stayed in the forefront as market conditions, needs and new opportunities became available.  We are excited to help teach the next generation how to earn a living and do valuable, practical and productive work in this massive industry that seems to be growing almost larger and faster than the galaxy itself.

 ALL of our Teachers, Mentors and Experts are seasoned and highly proficient at their individual roles and duties. We are here to train you. Together, we can help thousands of companies evolve their internet presence and profitability through our expertise and training.

Our schools team is very unique. We work together with some of the best website and graphic art designers in the industry. Our team is lead by one of our owners, Sara Daugherty. Sara and her team of  students, interns, and paid interns work very hard on all of our advanced website projects for the school, Total Custom Solutions and their hundreds and hundreds of clients. This whole industry is learning, evolving and adapting with the new technology. It is our mission to be ever present as it emerges and to focus on staying in the forefront of all this new technology and evolution to bring you the best website, social media management and graphics education available anywhere. Your experience here is very hands on. You will have  very marketable skills when you graduate our online or in some areas local classroom environment.