Widgets and Gadgets

If you are purchasing one of our CMS Websites pick 6 widgets and/or gadgets from the list below:




Live Chat



Stop Watch



Blog Categories

Recent Posts

Social Icons

Popular Topics

1 Banner Ad

Email Subscription


Facebook Like Box

Twitter Feed


Contact Form



Tag Cloud

RSS Feed Subscription


Log In




 Your Pick


Weather –


  • Current weather conditions
  • Severe weather alert information
  • 10 themes to choose from
  • Links that are relative to your theme
  • One line of HTML

Can be added directly to a social networking site, personalized homepage, personal website or blog


Calendar – Displays a calendar of blog posts and links to the most recent posts on each day on the calendar.

Time – provides the most widely used Web clock in the world with over 30 million views around the world. In addition, clocks can be set to display any time zone in the world online, so they are not only decorative but very practical as well. Use it to show what time it is in your area.

Live Chat – A Live Chat Applet for your website. It helps improve customer support and increases sales. It goes anywhere you go since it is integrated with Google Talk.

Map – display a searchable Google Map on your website for visitors to you. Creates great interactiveness to your website.

Games – games that can be displayed and played from your website. This is great for search engine optimization. It keeps your visitors in your website for longer periods of time.

Stop Watch – Great Stopwatch and Countdown tool with Fullscreen option

Sports – Live News Feeds from the top sports websites.

Stocks – Stock charts and live tickers to track all the stocks your website visitors care about.

Blog Categories – Displays a list of your websites blog categories for easier navigation for your visitors.

Recent Posts – Displays a list of the most recent blog posts for your website visitors.

Social Icons – Social networking icons that can be linked to all of your favorite social networking websites so your visitors can follow you and receive all of your status updates and specials.

Popular Topics – This widget displays all the most popular topics that your website visitors read the most and most often.

1 Banner Ad – A banner ad can be displayed graphically for whatever you might want to promote about your sales, specials, event or business.

Email Subscription – Email Subscription widget to capture your website visitors email addresses so you can make them aware of any news, sales, specials or event going on within your company or business.

Translation – This widget can translate your website into many different languages for international customers.

Facebook Like Box – This widget will display a Facebook like box for people to view the status updates from your Facebook Fan Page and also decide to press “Like” so they can receive your updates via their Facebook News Feeds in their personal accounts.

Twitter Feed – This widget will display the Twitter stream of your Twitter account so users can decide“Follow you” and observe your Twitter feed. If they choose to “follow” your Twitter feed they will receive your Twitter updates on their Twitter stream.

Specials – This is a widget that will display with text and images a special or promotion that your business or company is running.

Contact Form – This widget will display a contact form so users can fill out and contact you or ask you a question about your company or products.

Links – This widget will display a number of links that you want your website visitors to visit from your website.

Search – A search widget to allow your website users to search for things within your website that may be difficult to find or of interest to them.

Tag Cloud – A tag cloud displays the tag words that are used the most in your blog posts. They are clickable so users can view the list of blog posts that use these topics or tag words.

RSS Feed Subscription – This displays a widget so website visitors can subscribe to your RSS feed for your blog. This is helpful for users that read a lot of blogs.

Text – This widget can display text that you want to your website visitors to view and read on your blog or website.

Log In – This widget is displayed so the author’s and users of your blog can log in to create and edit blog posts, pages, widgets and anything else you want to give them access to edit on your blog or website.

Comments – This widget displays the most recent comments that you want your website visitors to view.

Archives – This widget allows your website visitors to view all of the archives or past blog posts in your blog.

Pages – This is a widget that displays a list of the pages included in your website. It makes for easy navigation in case a visitor cannot find a page or topic they are looking for in the top navigation of your website.

Your Pick – This can be a widget that we have not mentioned in this list that you may have seen on another website or blog. Let us know what it is and we are sure we can accommodate it.