The principle founder of our web design school, lovingly referred to inside the school as Mrs. D. or Mama Sara knows all too well how lousy traditional web design schools can be. 20 years ago Sara was determined to break into the frontier of this industry. She was self taught in the beginning and then went off to college. Then another college and even a vocational school. All with the hopes of being able to actually design and create top notch websites. 

Instead it quickly proved that these schools were either focused on programs that made them money on tuition or were so many years behind the trending advancements that they were genuinely clueless to what was really happening in this exploding galaxy of the world wide web and how to master it. 
Being an avid student she was relentless to stay ahead of the learning curve and has dedicated her life to endless hours of continuing education associated with all aspects of the internet based industry. It was her vision and dream that created Small Biz Dezines Career Training Center as client after client kept asking her to take on more and more projects or recommend recent graduates from other schools.  
The failure rate of students who were taught inside the traditional system was horrifically poor and desperately needed change. So teaming up with her now husband and business partner and through careful hand created partnerships and associations with other visionaries the Career Training Center has become one of the most unique, current and fresh source for those individuals who want to break into web design. Classrooms are flexible, support and mentors are plentiful and the ability to graduate as a true asset to this industry with a long range future is extremely high. Reach out to the team and we will be glad to assist you in learning more. Especially how to graduate debt FREE through our wonderful work study program and internships so graciously paid for and supported by Total Custom Solutions who is perhaps the ONLY printing company providing of 3 million products goods and service that span all areas of the print industry. Simply if it gets printed on, contains text, graphics, branding or logos then they produce it and some of the best prices in the USA. It is their website department that you get to work with during your work study hours and internship. 
We look forward to talking with you soon. Congratulations on your future.