Website Design

This Year’s Expected On-Line Sales = $200,000,000,000.00

Internet sales have grown 12% per year for the past 7 years!

Breaking down the hustle, confusion and technical mumbo jumbo of various websites…

You can find thousands of ways to describe the differences between websites on the Internet. Most of them pretty worthless. As business coaches for the past few decades, we will try to look at these differences from a business owner’s perspective.

  1. Profit Generation vs. Cost Analysis (MONEY)
  2. Visitor Appeal & Interaction (TRAFFIC)
  3. General Structure & Complexity (LANGUAGE)
  4. Uniqueness, Speed & Customization (DESIGN)

Interestingly, when you bring “MONEY” & “TRAFFIC” together you get “E-COMMERCE”. And, when you bring LANGUAGE & DESIGN together you get “CONSTRUCTION”. Ultimately, it is how you elect to blend the various E-COMMERCE and CONSTRUCTION factors that determine your website type.

What really matters in the end is getting a large number of quality prospective buyers or supporters to your website in such a way that they stay long enough to buy into your products, services, ideas or cause. To do this, you need the support of the Search Engines or your own NON-Internet based way to drive people to your site OR Both.

How much do you want to dominate the front pages of the major search engines? How willing are you to provide what these search engines demand in order to gain such placement? The answer to these questions is directly connected to your on-line success. If you master the things they want from you, they will deliver huge volumes of quality visitors to your website. The only real decision is if you want these visitors enough to do what the search engines demand in order to get the results they provide. Any business owner, regardless of how small or how poor, can win if they are willing to make the real effort. If you are willing, our team will openly talk to you and discuss these options. Call Sara @ 530-588-0348