Students who have been chosen to proceed into the Small Biz School of Design Career Training Center have a very unique opportunity to not only get a solid education in the field of your choice… but, to also receive extensive hands on experience with real live clients of Total Custom Solutions. The experience in learning how to navigate and manage real time client needs and to experience the results that they have from your creations is one of the most invaluable benefits that a student could ever receive in any education.

However, Since these clients are not fictitious or pretend and are in fact real businesses who will use the work product that is creating during your work study and internship it is important that Total Custom Solutions and their clients relationship is protected and secure. For this reason, There are very specific policies, and rules that must be followed when a student is interacting with these clients. Even, though students may get to know these business owners very well while a student it is important that the client remains with Total Custom Solutions after the student graduates and that ONLY contact after graduation is if the student is hired to do work for client by Total Custom Solutions. Sadly, it has become necessary for all students to agree to a non-compete, non-disclosure confidentiality agreement with certain predefined policies and procedures. The following is that agreement.

Please make sure to read everything carefully. Feel free to contact us and ask any questions that you may have. It is our desire to see to it that your experience as a student and intern is outstanding and with the utmost integrity for all parties. As you proceed please fill in the blanks and submit this agreement electronically when you are finished reading everything and feel that you fully understand and agree to everything.

Team Member Training Center Enrollment Agreement

This Agreement is between Small Biz Dezines also known as Small Biz School of Design Career Training Center, hereinafter referred to as (School or CTC). Career Training Center (CTC) as well as other key terms are further defined in the Operational Definitions, and
hereinafter referred to as (Student and OR Team Member). School/CTC owns several proprietary websites for advertising, marketing and educational purposes.
We at the Career Training Center for Small Biz Dezines and Total Custom Solutions feel that we have the finest and most practical education available for those who wish to earn a real living in the chosen professions of Commercial Graphic Artists/Designers, Website Designers and the fast growing field of Social Media Management. This is NOT a sterile classroom training system and virtually every graduate has gone on to earn a real income in their chosen field. That is due to the real interaction with our live hands on projects and “On the Job” Training and Intern Programs.
In addition to the Career Training Center, the School affiliate and sister company Total Custom Solutions (TCS) which is a full service print and website sales company hereinafter referred to as (Company). Company, by definition is also part of the CTC. In fact, TCS pays the greatest majority of the Student/ Team Member’s Educational/Training costs in lieu of work study efforts on live real Company Client Work.
Collectively, CTC is/are a Florida business(s) located in Lee County Florida as well as other cities around the USA and shall hereinafter be referred to as (School/Company or CTC). For more information refer to Operational Definitions. The IRS and CTC does require a 1099 independent representative agreement be filled out for ALL non hourly persons. Follow this link for that form: written agreement with the Team Member.
All, communications, activities and transactions with other Student/ Team Members and Company Client(s) must be under the CTC and through CTC provided email systems ONLY. This is done in order to protect the CTC’s interests as well as the Company Clients who contract services with the CTC. All Team Members must adhere to and complete these documents and enter into this formal written contract or on-line electronic contract in order to proceed into the School or otherwise work with the CTC. We also have provided you access to the Operational Definitions which goes into great depth explaining certain Key Words and Phrases used in our documents, training and agreements. Please make sure you fully read and understand everything prior to enrolling for the school.
Acceptance into our Career Training Center School of Design is very limited and selective. All those who provide a heartfelt letter requesting admission into our program will be accepted without regard to their financial desire for work study or ability to pay. You must have a reasonable computer and internet connection to qualify and you must be able to commit to a minimum of 25 hours per week on school work (10-15 hrs.) and/or work study hours(10-15 hrs.). Depending on the program, you may need certain software that will be an added expense. Most of these are low cost or can be leased for a few dollars per month by the software provider. All of those who provide a well written letter and can commit to the other terms and conditions will be accepted. However, those that act quickly have a better chance getting into one of the very limited slots available each of the semester starts each year. Those who do not act fast enough may be placed on a hold until a future semester start date. All students will also be required to sign an independent contractor agreement upon acceptance. This provides various other terms and conditions associated with the Work Product produced by the Student/ Team Member as well as cover areas of Compensation as the Student/ Team Member progresses into a Paid Intern position with the CTC.
If you agree with these terms and conditions, Fill out all blanks in this form and submit after fully reading and understanding these conditions. If you choose to print out and are filling it out in a hard paper form and NOT on-line electronically then please execute this document before a Notary Public and return original, for acceptance by School/Company Director of Admissions: Sara Daugherty C/O Small Biz Dezines & Total Custom Solutions 4100 Evans Ave Suite #24, Fort Myers, Florida 33901 (OR EMAIL TO
The purpose and general intent of this agreement is that Student/Team Member wishes to receive training such that they could build websites OR design graphics OR manage social media in a productive fashion for Themselves eventually and CTC is willing to train Student/ Team Member so long as Student/ Team Member agrees to work as an as needed part-time Paid Intern for CTC after completing the training program for a period of time not less than 6 months and receives a certificate for training as outlined in the Independent Contractor Agreement.
Student/ Team Member desires to enter into the School Certified Training Program which parties agree is of great worth to the Student for their future income earning abilities.
Student/ Team Member understands that this training program is a work at your own pace program and the Student/ Team Member can work at a pace that assures that they complete each of the 4 semester within a minimum of 6 months or less per each of the semesters. Student/ Team Member who elect to work the program Full-Time and have good work ethics and a focused determination could potentially complete each semester in 8-12 weeks comfortably. Thus, all students should complete within 1-2 years from enrollment.
However, If at any time the Student/ Team Member fails to progress at the minimal level of progress that School/CTC has the right to drop Student from the training program after two 7 day warnings for the Student/ Team Member to perform or quit notices have been given via Student/ Team Member e-mail address on file.

Cost of Training

Depending on the chosen program (Website Design, Commercial Graphic Designer, Social Media Managers, Professional Sales Representatives) each area of study is expected to take on average 4 semesters to complete. Some a bit more some less.
The current cost of each semester’s training program is approximately $1,000.00 per semester. This fee fluctuates based on how long it takes to complete the semester and how much additional help is needed. The $1,000.00 is the basis for a normal Student/ Team Member working at a full-time pace (9-12 weeks). Full payment is due either in cash at the onset of each semester or student can request financial aid via our work study program of 10-15 hours per week average. If cancelled in the first 5 days of the training cycle/program 70% is refundable. This training fee is non-refundable after 5 calendar days in the program. Cash Student/ Team Member’s will be charged $100 for every week over 12 weeks that it takes them to complete a semester. Fees will not be assessed until after 14 weeks. If the cash paying student completes within the 14 weeks no additional fees will be assessed. Anyone who requests to be included in the Work Study Program will be accepted. However, each class has a limited number of available slots for students. So it is best to apply quickly and schedule the start date of your first semester.
Adjustments in the per semester fee for Work Study Student/ Team Member is automatic and is adjusted as follows. For those who are paying by work study, who properly honor the program and work study requirements, and can complete in just a couple of months (8 weeks or less) will have the rest of that semester fee waived. Those that take longer. Up to the maximum of 6 months to complete must still honor the work study requirement every week until they complete the semester. The logic and reasoning for this is cost of the training program increases at a rate of $100 per week for those that take over the 12 week average time to complete. This has proven to be needed as Student/ Team Member who take longer often need more support and thus cost more to fully train. Please NOTE: Everything self adjusts. No matter how long or how slow you are at completing each semester your cost is covered in full if you are a Work Study Student in good standings and thus your account is brought to zero after each semester is completed. However, if the Student/ Team Member fails to perform required work study hours then the amount due for that semester will be due in full upon demand after two (2) 7 day warnings to perform or pay. In the event that Student/ Team Member defaults on payments OR in the event that the student drops out of School or is released due to less than minimum performance levels that semester’s balance will be due in full. Prorated consideration will be given for verified work study hours.
Cost of Collection in case of default Parties agree that if Student/ Team Member fails to perform and eventually has an unpaid balance due School for the cost or partial cost of this Training Agreement that the Student/ Team Member agrees to also pay any and all reasonable collection costs in addition to any and all unpaid balances. School/CTC does agree to accept a payment plan of $100.00 per month against any and all unpaid balances so long as payment arrangements are made within 30 days of Trainee’s default. Parties further agree that trainee will pay 1.5% per month simple interest on any unpaid balance owed School starting the month that default occurs.
Student: Full Name:
Mailing Location:
E-mail / PayPal account:


This Agreement may be executed by filling out all blanks in this online form and submitting it to the CTC OR in written form by filling out and mailing two or more signed counterparts, each of which shall be deemed an original but all of which together shall constitute one and the same instrument.
The School/CTC may terminate this Agreement and the Training Position of any Student/ Team Member for cause upon twenty-four (24) hours written notice to the Student/ Team Member. For cause shall be defined as the Student/ Team Member’s violation of this Agreement, inactivity, or acting in a manner which may cause damage to the business reputation of the CTC or in a manner which is in violation of any local, state and federal laws or regulations. It is the sole responsibility of the Student/ Team Member to keep all contact information current!
I agree Check this box if you have fully read, understand and agree to these terms and conditions. Then Click this SUBMIT BUTTON to execute this agreement and get your career started.

You will be notified as to your acceptance by Director of Admissions: Sara Daugherty C/O Small Biz Dezines & Total Custom Solutions 4100 Evans Ave  Suite #24 Fort Myers, Florida 33901