Support Solutions

Initial Support & Training is critical to a happy on-line experience. Without it, you end up with a less than desired result and a great deal of stress and frustration in the learning curve, which can be very extensive. Thus, we have made great effort to match the size and effort that you are putting into your site with the right level of initial training and support to get you up, running and productive. Our experience building hundreds of custom websites with clients who have an active role in their sites says that it takes website owners about six months to really get proficient working with their site.

Long-Term Support and Maintenance is what really makes for a great website. From time to time, you will find the need to make substantial updates to your website. With the right on-going support and training, this can be very easy. How many times have we seen other businesses who have a nice site that eventually got outdated and ultimately had to be tossed out? At this point, the business either had no website at all, or they had to go to great effort and expense to build a brand new site. In fact, this may describe you and be why you are reading this now. Picking the right plan will prevent these highs and lows and keep you at the top of your game.

Small Biz Dezines offers the best types of support for your website.

Moderated Forum Support Package– This type of support can be very convenient to you. Forum posts can be submitted to our support forum when you have a question about building your Do It Yourself website. Submit a question when you have time to work on your DIY website and we will answer your question(s) so you can check back later and get the answer to your question(s). Users can subscribe to their own forum posted questions and they will receive an email notifying them that the question has been answered.

Package Options

  • No Contract – $100/month
  • 6 Month Contract – $75/month
  • 3 Year Contract – $60/month


Interactive Troubleshooting Per Hour Support Package– This type of support is billed or invoiced as an hourly rate. This type of support is for our Private Social Network  or highly interactive website. These types of  websites are very interactive and have a lot of traffic when large volumes of users visit your website so you will need a more intense support package.

Package Options

  • No Contract – $100/hour
  • 6 Month Contract – $90/ hour – each additional hour billed at $72/ hour – 20% savings
  • 3 Year Contract – $60/hour – one hour billed each month whether used or not

Save 20% on each additional hour after contract required hours.

NOTE:  Unused hours rollover from month to month until end of contract. Any unused hours dissolve at end of contract.


Hands Free Troubleshooting Support Package – This type of support is required for our Mass Merchant website package. This type of support is required because as you build your shopping cart or online catalog or store you will need more hands free support so you can do the things you need to do like run your business every day. Let us be your eyes and ears in the background that makes sure your website is running smoothly so you don’t have to worry about it.

Package Options

No Contract – $75/hour

6 Month Contract – $75/hour – 3 hour minimum per month

3 Year Contract – $75/hour – 2 hour minimum per month

Total Website Bundle – $150/hour – 2 hour minimum

NOTE:  Unused hours rollover from month to month until end of contract. Any unused hours dissolve at end of contract.

 This package DOES NOT include

  • Content Creation or Insertion
  • Design Manipulation
  • Unreasonable Code Modification


All Monthly Contracted Support packages are invoiced after 60 days of your contract. We offer monthly email invoicing for $5 extra a month or reoccurring monthly payments at no additional charge.