Submit Website Content

Content – refers to text, images, titles, headers, video, media, graphics, colors, music, or general look and outline information that Client wishes to be included in their Website and/or Service.  It is very important that all content be delivered to the Company as per instructions in this section of the Website. Please take a few minutes to not only fully read the following information but to genuinely understand and digest it.

Overall Website Layout

General Look – look describes the way branding and communication messages reflect the design of a website. The look relates to the visual design aspects of a website: text, size, page layout, etc.

Outline –  outline of how the website content should be structured and organized. Content is typically organized with the website user in mind.  For example, a business may want to promote content or products that would  be actively sought after by the user.

Header Image – A website header is a graphic image at the top of a web page that identifies the web site and, sometimes, the particular section of the site.

Graphics –  an image or art work that is generated by a computer.

Colors – is very important to your website design. Colors of your website sets the mood of your website. Color influences the emotions of the user. It encourages the user to stay and interact with your business and website. Choose your colors carefully. Visit to choose complimentary colors for your new website.

Desired List SEO Keyword Domination – describe to us what keywords users could use to find your website.   SEO or search engine optimizaition is a very important part of your website. It determines the success or failure of your website in the search engines and results.

Sitemap Layout – is a visual or textual organized structure of a Web site’s content that allows the users to navigate through the site to find the information they are looking for.

Individual Page Layouts

Text – plain or formatted words or text to describe your business services or products for users interested in your products or services.

Images – a two or three dimensional figure or picture captured by a camera or video. Images can also be a drawn, painted, rendered by computer graphic technology, and developed by a combination of methods.

Titles –  is the name or title of a Web site or a Web page. It can be a decorative clip art banner, or a plain text title or header.

Headers –  a name used at the top of Web sites and is commonly called the title or Web page title. Headers can also be found at the beginning of a paragraph or section of the web page.

Video –  is a visual presentation, typically a moving picture which is accompanied by sound. As Internet users are less and less willing to read text, video is an excellent way to bring one’s message across. Be it a testimonial or demonstration of a product, a lecture or just something funny or intriguing, people enjoy watching movies. Web Videos are either filmed videos taken with a camera or are screen-capture video where the action on a computer screen is recorded.

Media – includes photos, video and music, magazines, TV, websites, and advertising distributed over the Internet.

Music – soundtracks, clips, recordings, and streaming music can be added to your website for users listening pleasure. Tell us how you would like to highlight music on your website. Use a music player or sell music clips to your website users.

 Overall Search Engine Optimization

Domain Name – A domain name is the textual identifier for a website. It is also commonly referred to as an address or name owned by a person or organization and consisting of analphabetical or alphanumeric sequence followed by asuffix indicating the top-level domain: used as an Internetaddress to identify the location of particular Web pages.

Page/ Blog Post Names – The web page name like the page title should incorporate the web page keywords, not just because it may improve the ranking but also because it gives the page meaning to yourself when editing and the potential visitor when he sees the page name in a link.

Website (Meta) Description – a brief and concise summary of your page’s content. A meta description is an HTML element that describes your page to search engines. When you write a meta description tag, you should limit it to 170 characters or 200 characters at most. You should pick a style and be consistent throughout your pages, writing a unique description for each page of your site.

Desired SEO Keywords (Meta Keywords) – keywords are what people type into search engines to find a particular product, service or information. Keywords are the building blocks for optimizing a website, and play a very important role. A meta tag is hidden in the HTML that lists keywords relevant to the page’s content.

Page Header Name(s) –  a header is some combination of text and images that can be made to appear at the top of each page when displayed or printed.

Page Image Name(s) – use descriptive filenames for the images, whether it’s a photo you took or an image you downloaded to be used in your blog. Optimizing image names is very important because search engine can not read images, only text. We have to use a special html attribute to optimize the images in your website. Please use file names that make sense for the image and your website content.

Image Keyword(s) Tags – A user may “tag” pictures or text files with keywords that are relevant to their content. Later  these files may be searched using keywords, which can make finding files much easier.

Individual Page/Blog Post Keyword(s) Use and Density – tag is a specific word or phrase that addresses items you discuss in a particular blog post. A tag is usually only a word or two and reflects the keywords or points of your article.

Authority Grade Enriched Content (Keywords) – for the best search engine optimization, you must use your keywords and keywords phrases effectively. or optimal effectiveness, use different keywords and/or keyword phrases on each page of your website. Optimize each page for those keywords and/or keyword phrases that are relevant to the content of that particular page.


Content Delivery

After reading all of the above it is important to provide all of the content for your website in the sequence as described above with one exception. If you genuinely desire to have your website found the concepts involved in your part of the search engine optimization is something that should be on the forefront of your mind at every step of the process of building your website. Making sure to focus all content, names, tags, and enriched text loaded with keywords is critical to the long term success of your website. It is never recommended that you submit any content, especially images without properly naming the content and including tag words that will benefit your desired domination of your select set of keywords.

  • Once you fully understand every component of the information above it is time to start providing the Company with this information and content so we can best assist you in developing the perfect website to promote your business.
  • Due to the sizable staff that will be working with you on a wide a range of aspects in your website it is vital that only one set of instructions be included in any one submission.
  • This means that we need a single email with information for a single section as noted above.
  • It is also important that you include the name of your website and the single topic of the content item in the subject line of your email.
  • Then please make sure to either copy and paste your content into the body of your email(best) or attach a Word document with the content inside that Word document.
  • All images, graphics, must be submitted in the proper size that you want it to display(remembering that one inch equals 72 pixels in length). Submit these images as either pdf’s, psd’s, png’s, gif’s, or jpg’s. No other images will be accepted.
  • All text that you wish included in your website must be submitted grammatically correct and properly typed and must be submitted ONLY as a Word doc or directly inside the body of the email.
  • Additional instructions may also be included for that piece of content in the body of the email OR in the body of the Word doc. However, it is vital that you clearly identify the nature of the instructions versus content. There is one exception to the single piece of content per email rule … which is, content for a single specific page may be blended in a single email if the email subject line states that the following content is for _______ page. In this case it is important that you include any headers or titles, graphics, images, media, and text laid out in such a way that we clearly understand what you want where on that specific page.
  • Make sure to attach images and Word doc’s separately for these emails.  Never, ever submit information for two or more pages in a single email.
  • Never, send information that is part of the general website layout and content that is specific to a single page in a single email either.
  • If the above is carefully followed, SBDC and its entire team promise to make every effort to have all content and general web design or layout aspects of your website complete and ready for your review within 10 – 15 working days.
  • Failure to provide content in this manner could possibly result in the rejection of content, error in its inclusion OR it could take as much as a month or more to get poorly submitted content onto your website.
  • Poor content delivery could also result in unnecessary and wasteful fees. A big example of this is text submitted as an image file or hand written text mailed or scanned which a staff member has to then retype. This type of added service is never included in your fees and would always result in additional costs.

Our staff is always available to work with you,answer questions, or advise you on the best ways to develop and submit content.

However, any instructions, requests, or changes to your website must be submitted through one of our online content forms or directly through an email.

Verbal communication is a very unstable and poor channel to ensure proper results and proves to be extremely costly and time consuming for everyone. Thus, SBDC policy is that live communication is strictly reserved for information and educational purposes and no content inclusions, or changes shall be allowed by the Company unless done so in writing via an email.


Feel free to use the following form or email us at  Contact Inbox  or call us at  530-588-0348 with any questions that you may have. It is our honor and pleasure to build a website that properly supports your needs and expresses the brand and professionalism of your company.