25 years ago our founders were screaming on top of a pulpit that the world would change the way it did commerce thanks to the World Wide Web. Quickly, he was proven correct. For a short while visionaries who jumped in early were easy to find and to be found once things called browsers like netscape navigator came into existence. Then came the directories like yahoo where so long as you registered and added your info to the directory you were found. Now there are millions of pages vying for every search phase entered. There was a time when a brand new website owner would say I want to be on the top of the 1st page of the internet when someone searches for these different search phrases and it was easy to deliver those results. Not now. Not today. The entire world runs on the internet and soon the majority of purchases will take place on line. Even fast food shops are closing their registers in lieu of Kiosks with internet driven purchases when you are 2 feet away from a live person.

Then out of no where came the need and desire to interact online. and Social Media was born. First came sites like yahoo groups and chat rooms, messengers and dating sites, myspace, then the world was hit with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and now Pinterest, Periscope and Snap Chat. Hundreds of ways to interact on line. It is so popular we barely even talk to the ones we are with in favor of being plugged into our Social Media. As the virtual world and 3D visual aides progress we will find ourselves in a kind of like matrix plug in. And corporations, big box and every marketer is trying to figure out how to tap it. How to monetize it, how to profit immensely from it.

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The need for well trained individuals who can keep up with the ever going changes in search engine optimization AND social media marketing/management is growing faster than any other industry. It is fair to say less than 1% maybe less than 1/100% of those who claim to know how to promote a company, organization, product, brand, service or idea on line is only partially correct and most likely are seriously behind the facts on what is current and fresh.

Nothing changes faster than the landscape of Social Media Marketing and Management. Nothing.

The greatest of athletes and competitors thrive on the fight, the challenge and the excitement of staying out in front of all of these technological tools, apps and systems to drive and promote the successful conversion of traffic into brand loyalists, consumers, participants and members. Nothing is more exciting than watching and seeing the results first hand. Nothing is worth more money than those who are the best at it. Companies will pay small fortunes to those proven to deliver the results. If you have this kind of competitive ambition, drive and the intestinal fortitude to never stop learning and the bravery to dive off a virtual cliff driving the message and brand of a company or its products, goods and services then the Small Biz Dezines Career Training Center is the place for you.

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Collaboration and first hand real live work with real world companies and to learn first hand in these settings is priceless and is what quickly builds confidence, humility and success. As success is the right combination and convergence of drive, ambition, study, confidence and humility. Small Biz Dezines Career Training Center is the Only source that allows you to learn and stay part of a team of peers and all new students to keep the flow of ideas and knowledge flowing. It is like having a family dedicated to supporting each other in ways not found in any other traditional school settings.

Currently we are modifying this portion of our school and have it off line as we redesign the tools needed to stay out in front of this huge industry. Request to be on our list for updates and we will gladly keep you posted as it finishes evolving.

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