The art and training of professional sales professionals has forever been an area of awe and confusion and extreme misunderstanding for most of the world. Unlike our other programs the art of the sale, the skills and tools of negotiation are and will likely be very similar for a long time to come. However, the delivery system and methods may change a bit.

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Sales and Marketing is all about relationships, the bonding of individuals to brand loyalty. The sale is a by product of this loyal relationship between the company marketer and the consumer of those products, goods and services.

Many think of a sales person as they would a sleazy used car salesman or insurance salesman characterized by stories, movies and negative personal experiences. Small Biz Dezines teaches individuals and companies how to grow their business and sales revenues faster and stronger than they thought possible with very little attention to the actual sale. These methods are time tested, proven current, and as fresh to day as they were a decade ago. The way it is delivered has changed of course but the precepts are the same. Webster’s dictionary describe a “salesman as someone who provides a service”.

It is through the provision of a select niche of service that makes a great marketeer stand out from the others. IT is the lack of focus on the sale in lieu for a true desire for a relationship that makes trust and loyalty an amazing and powerful successful sales professional.

Small Biz Dezines teaches individuals how to tap into the sales and marketing industry which still happens to be the highest paid industry in the world. Our leaders, founders, mentors, graduates, and past trainees have had massive success in virtually every industry in the world. With over 40,000 individuals hand trained and groomed and with the aid of some of the best 3rd party materials available Small Biz Dezines is absolutely confident that if you have a desire to be a successful Sales and marketing person with integrity, ethics, morals and immense success then we are perhaps the only place in the world that can train you properly.

We only take on a limited number of applicants in this area. IT is critical that you start to communicate with our team if you are genuine about this as a career choice by using the contact form provided and we can discuss how and when you might be able to be considered.

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