Branding Development

Brand management is the application of marketing techniques to a specific product, product line, or brand.

Our graphics design department will help you develop a brand for your company.

This service will include a Custom Logo & Header Design along with marketing techniques to help brand and develop your business in  your market.

Price: $300.00

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Our consulting team has over 30 years experience in consulting for small and medium size businesses. Our head consultant is a second generation expansion and bail out consultant. He watched his father from a young age bail out and reorganize many large businesses that are still in business today. He has trained over 40,000 sales people to date and still holds many national sales records.

We do a variety of consulting for lots of different kinds of businesses.

Our company has an extensive sales force across the United States. We work locally with many small businesses in many U.S. markets. We train our sales people to use a very simple, friendly, and helpful sales approach. Our local businesses love the fact that our sales people come to their business to work one on one with them so they don’t have to stop running their business to get the printing and website products that they need to run and grow their business.

The consulting packages we offer are very simple.

We offer three consulting packages for small to medium business owners.

Semi Small Businesses- $100

Small Businesses – $200

Medium Small Businesses – $250

We can tailor your consulting package to fit your needs. Call us today at 530-588-0348 visit with us about what package might be right for you.

For your convenience we can also set you up with a reoccurring payment option. Contact us today to see if you qualify.

Product Options

Price: from $100.00

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Custom Header Design

Our graphics art design team can create a high quality, high resolution, Custom Header Design for your blog or website. Our company creates print graphics for many printing products a week. We can design a website header or banner that will help set your company apart from other companies doing business in your industry.

Price: $135.00

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Custom Logo & Header Design

Do you need a custom logo and header for your business and website. Look no further. Our team can create you a logo design that represents you best.

Our team is made up of professional graphic designers with many years of experience that can design your website header, logos and many printing products.

Upload any images that you have below or email them to us at

Price: $225.00

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Graphic Design

When using our Graphic Art Design team you also glean the support of our advertising, printing, and sales marketing team to aid you in not only getting something that looks cool — yet, brands well.

Our graphics design team can create for you or your business

  • Custom website header design
  • Custom Logo and Header Design
  • Brand Development which includes Custom Logo & Header Design



Product Options

Price: from $100.00

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