Sales Tools

Well friends, this is where the rubber meets the road. The buck literally stops right here! If you don’t create great sales tools, the bucks won’t come in, and you will be broke. Yet if you create great sales tools, you will prosper. If you use these sales tools in the best possible manner combined with good marketing plans and a solid website, you will make money and can afford to come back often and buy lots.

As we see it, we have a very real vested interest in your success, especially in your printing sales aids. This is exactly how and why we got into printing. We have decades of experience helping hundreds of businesses survive and expand. We got tired of poor, sloppy sales aids, and we started to get involved in saving our clients money and helping protect them from poor content and designs. It worked; we are now a major printing player in the industry, and we still have the same attitude and mentality. So here is our offer. Take it seriously and we will both succeed much more than we would without each other.

Ask for our help (HINT: You must ask) and our marketing team that usually gets $300 per hour will look over your materials and give you some free advice. If you ask, our design team will look at your branding and see if they can make suggestions. If you ask, our graphics team will make a few suggestions on the look, layout and design of your printed materials. If you ask, our copy editors will even look at your spelling and grammar. If you don’t ask, we won’t. We will just do our printing and stay quietly in the background. You will still get a great quality at an awesome price. You just won’t get our added value service.

Oh yeah! As you can see, we don’t let our copy editors too close to our own site as we like to have a little fun with it and besides, we really don”t want to grow too fast. We just want some fun-loving good relationships with a few new businesses every so often and we are getting that. So hurry! Contact us today and let’s get you started with your sales aids, branding and marketing. Don’t forget to check out our websites. We are very possibly the greatest website providers in the USA. At least no one is arguing differently.