Office Supplies

Office supplies are a necessary and non-profitable expense for your business. It’s a shame we couldn’t just use scratch paper.

Here is the straight forward and honest scoop on printed office supplies. If they are designed correctly and reduce time, effort and mistakes then they are a valuable asset to your business. If not… well go to your local casino or better yet just send us a check so we can go for you.

Yeah, we know. It doesn’t sound like we do a very good job “pitching” our products. That’s because we are a bit different. We started as consultants and our mentors were so stingy they made us cut every scratch paper in fourths and staple them as scratch pads and reuse old coffee grounds. So frugality is ingrained in our business attitudes and philosophies.

Here is what makes us different. If you ask for our help, we will gladly help you cut costs, look for cheaper ways to get something done and still give you the best possible quality that you need and can afford. We know you can only afford so much money invested into printed materials, and we would prefer to help you become more efficient and make more sales so you can afford to come buy more stuff from us. Neat idea, huh?

It worked. Our little side business; printing to help our customers save some money and control quality, has become pretty huge. We are now a major printing player, so we figure that we just keep doing what works and don’t rock the proverbial boat. Remember to ask for our help in cost control and marketing ideas, or we will just print what you ask for. So what are you waiting for? Lets get going… Don’t forget your sales aids and literature, too!