Printed Literature for your business is tricky. It can be very expensive and end up outdated and useless with little or no value in its return on investment.

Sounds like a great sales pitch to win you over…. huh?

Here are the facts… Printed materials, especially brochures, booklets, pamphlets, tracks, and even magazines or table top presentation displays can be extremely effective and very profitable. If and ONLY if it is designed correctly, well branded, looks great, and if the content is easy to navigate, easy to read and understand and oh yeah here is the kicker, It has to work and it has to be worded perfectly for great marketing power!

Do That! and you will WIN BIG!

Don’t do that and don’t do it well… the end results are not nice or fun.


We are not in this to be a printer…. ok, so our printing business is pretty huge and pretty awesome and now brings us a lot of great clients, friends and relationships. But you need to realize, we are consultants first, marketing experts second and amazing web and graphic designers third. We can’t help it if we have become a major printer as an accident. It is just because we have awesome quality and really great pricing…. well yes! but no! We also will look over your materials and offer free input on marketing ideas if you ask us — that normally used to cost you $300 an hour from our consultants… but as we said… Our printing business and our web design side do very well and allow us to help now and then for little or no cost to you.

When it comes to talking a lot in printed materials… you had better have a very good marketer assist you and look it over. So welcome home to your new printer and good luck with your literature. Also, we might suggest that you ask for assistance from the marketing team. If you don’t ask…. you won’t get it. So ask already!