Outside of a website…

Printed materials represent the most successful tools for sales, advertising and branding success. It is very important that you find the right mix of:

  1. Good Communication – A trusted personal relationship with your print partner
  2. Well-designed graphics — Experts who will custom design items or help review your print-ready materials
  3. Expertly worded materials — Professionals who are skilled at writing sales materials, as this is its own special art form
  4. Fair representations proofs — Your printing partner must care about your end product as much as you do
  5. Top quality finished products — Printed materials that say more about who you are than you do
  6. Fast turn and delivery times — Fast and Perfect is tricky and requires commitment and effort
  7. Safe payment options — Secure methods of payment that protect buyer and seller.

Small Biz Dezines did not start out as a printer. This gives you critical benefits in working with us. We started as Consultants, specializing in sales and marketing for hundreds of business over decades of experience. We have helped many business get back on their feet or survive to grow and expand. Due to the lousy results that traditional advertising like newspaper, magazines, radio, billboards etc. has and the very little help that most chambers, SBDC and other networking groups seem to be able to offer we quickly became vigorous experts in things like Guerrilla marketing techniques and mastered the use of simple and inexpensive printed products and materials. We got frustrated at how many of our clients would invest their very limited budgets and over-pay for printed materials. Eventually, we got into printing and we are now a major supplier of great quality print products and awesome prices. We have several very exclusive contract with some of the most respected and elite wholesale-only print houses in the USA. We get stellar pricing, which allows us to pass it on to you at rates that are far below your local printer. We print and produce an amazing amount of printed materials and are always looking and pushing for better products at better prices so we can pass on the savings to you. What started as a side business to help our clients has turned into a major business that still discounts deeply and is focused on the long-term relationships with each of your our clients.

We would love the chance to earn your printing or web site upgrade business and you will see hints of our marketing prowess show through.

We guarantee it!