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Setting up your site

Your site structure needs to be sorted into categories or sub-sections.


The average number of pages that show as primary pages on your top Navigation Menu is 5-7. All other pages need to be nested, or tucked, below these pages. All pages that are nested below the 5-7 primary pages become visible with a java script drop-down menu when visitors move their mouse over the menu. Pages may be tiered three levels deep. NOTE:  Side bar Navigation Menus will display all pages and they will NOT be nested. Only the Top Navigation will use nesting. This insures that old browsers and some cell phones can get to the navigation if they do not have java script enabled on their systems. Search engine robots can not follow navigation that is only available in a drop down or pop out java script type menu. So, it is important to include all of your pages in a text style someplace, perhaps in the footer as a site map or on the side in a side bar.

Please answer the following questions so we can set up your navigation areas of your site.

NOTE: Every page is a viable real page that will need content (images, headers, text etc.)

Example of Structure

Primary Pages (5-7)

Primary Page Category(s) (unlimited)

Primary Page Sub Category(s) (unlimited)

Actual Pages (unlimited)

Please use the following method when sending the names of the pages that you want on your site.

Primary Page 1

— Primary Page Category 1

——- Primary Page Sub Category

———- Pages















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