Operational Definitions

NOTICE: The following list of Operational Definitions shall be considered the definitive definition in any and all future communications between any individual, person, entity or business and the “School” and/or “Company”. All Parties agree that this list may be amended from time to time by Company and or School and that all parties agree to said definitions and are solely responsible to visit the company’s website page frequently to make sure they fully understand these Operational Definitions and/or their updates.

Student – Any person who is or has been enrolled in any training or learning program offered by the “Company” or the “School”.

Intern – Any Advanced “Student” or graduate “Student” Or, any other individual allowed to participate in any project, exercise or activity that might create or constitute a usable, promotable or otherwise marketable work product regardless if it is for training, education the perfection of skills or for an agreed to fee for service monetary amount.

Unpaid Interns – Are individuals or “Interns” who desire to improve and perfect their skill sets and training so they can become better, faster and more perfected in their craft as a designer and agree to perform work or work product as outlined by “School” or “Company” under the direction, supervision and training of said “School” or “Company” as part of said training in lieu of monetary compensation.

Paid Interns – Are “Students”, “Interns”, or individuals who have passed to a certain level of approved proficiency by “School” or “Company”, and are granted a small monetary fee for service in addition to the continued benefits of an “Unpaid Intern” in lieu of full scale monetary compensation by “School” or “Company”.

Instructor/Teacher/Mentor – are all considered one in the same and may be used freely in place of one another and are to be defined as any individual who is appointed by “CTC” to perform in any supervisory, training or educational mode for the “CTC”.

Sales Rep/Customer Service Rep – is any individual engaged in the efforts of sales for the Company of any “Work Product”.

Team Members – is/are defined as any individual who is a “Student”, “Intern”, Unpaid Intern”, “Paid Intern”, “Designer”, “Instructor/Teacher/Mentor” or “Sales Rep/Customer Service Rep” for the “CTC”. ALL “Team Members” are by legal definition true Independent Contractors as defined by the appropriate Local, State or Federal Jurisdiction and are in no means Employees of the CTC or any of its entities.

Designers – Are individuals who have been accepted and approved by BOTH  “School” and “Company” as fully proficient as a designer in their respective craft either through the function of direct Hire as a Designer by “Company” or as a fully graduated Student” and “Intern” and has proven themselves as fast and efficient designers ready for full monetary compensation and have been awarded a certificate by both  “School” and “Company” proving such. “Compensation” may vary from “Designer” to “Designer” based on a given written contract based on proficiency, client approval ratings and Speed/Quality ratings by “School” and “Company”.

Work – is defined as any form of tangible digital or printed materials, websites, graphics, art, designs, projects, assignments, etc. be it for use or as a result or creation by a “Student” or as a “Work Study Student”/”Intern” or “Designer” And/OR “Team Member” for either the “School”,  or a “Client Project” given by the “Company” on behalf of a “Company Client” whereas the “School” or “Company” assigned, gave or awarded the “Work” and retains all rights and ownership of said work.

Work Product – is defined as any work created by anyone associated with the “School” and/or “Company” in any capacity regardless of the end use, purpose or value thereof said work.  “School” and/or “Company” retain all rights of ownership and controls over all “Work Product” so long as the “Work was assigned by “School” or “Company” while the individual was acting as a “Team Member”, “Student”, “Intern”, or “Designer” of said “Company” at the time of assigning the “Work” to be performed. “Work Product” is further extended to include any other/or additional  “Work” created on behalf of the same given “Company Client” within 365 days of the last assigned or completed “Work” for said “Company Client” by anyone associated with the “School” or “Company” within the same 365 day period.

School – is defined as the tangible and/or digital Training Center, Program and On-Line Program referred to and/or offered on behalf of Small Biz Dezines also known as the Small Biz School of Design Career Training Center, and it also includes yet is not limited to all materials, tools and information found digitally at SmallBizDezines.com, SBSOD.com, SmallBusinessSchoolOfDesign.com, TotalCustomSolutions.com or provided/supplied by or on behalf of the founders and creators of the “School”, Michael W. and/or Sara M. Daugherty by or through any of their “DBA/Assumed Names, Corporations, Websites, Non-Profits or Sole-Proprietorships which are engaged in the education, business or activity of Graphic Arts, Website Design, Sales Training and/or Social Media.

Company – is defined as the tangible and/or digital Business or Business affiliates, found in various states inside the United States of America as well as the On-Line Website/Company activities referred to and/or offered on behalf if Total Custom Solutions also known as totalcustomsolutions.com, totalcustomprintsolutions.com, totalcustomwebsolutions.com and totalcustompromotionalsolutions.com, and also includes yet is not limited to all materials, tools and information found digitally at SmallBizDezines.com, SBSOD.com, SmallBusinessSchoolOfDesign.com, TotalCustomSolutions or provided/supplied by or on behalf of the founders and creators of the “Company”, Michael W. and/or Sara M. Daugherty by or through any of their “DBA/Assumed Names, Corporations, Non-Profits, Websites, or Sole-Proprietorships which are engaged in providing Printed Products, Graphic Art created designs, Websites and or Design services, Sales Training and/or Social Media solutions.

CTC –  is defined as the Career Training Center and is a collaborative and combined effort of the “Company” and the “School”. The use of “CTC” can be substituted with the name “Career Training Center” and both have the same meaning. 

Company Client – is defined as any entity, individual, association, company, non-profit or business who is actively working with either the “School” or “Company” in any capacity that could or does result in the designing or creation of any form of printed or digital websites, products, goods. “Company Client” is further defined and extended to include any “Company  Client” of the “Company” who is, saw or has been a “Company Client” in the past 365 days.

Compensation – is defined as ANY form of benefit which could, and/or does have a perceived monetary value and DOES NOT need to include actual monetary forms in which the parties proceed into  any “Work” or Work Product” activities. It may include any known legal form of Monetary types of compensation as well as any intangible or other form of compensation with which the parties enter into.  This specifically includes but in no way is limited exclusively to, money, trade, barter, and forms of compensation in lieu of monetary forms such as training, education, mentoring, supervised feedback, work study or any other intangible which could reasonably be expected to have some form of fee for service. If parties enter into any “Work” or “Work Product” the pre-determined form of compensation may not be changed unless agreed to in writing by ALL parties. Either Party may elect to end working on any “Work” or “Work Product” at anytime by giving written notice to the other party.