Let’s Talk Websites

You’re right to be considering a website.

Large Big Box corporations have options when building their business. A website is a smart part of that strategy. If you are a small business owner, a functional, productive website may be your only viable solution to make your business truly profitable. A highly productive website is not a simple matter, yet it can be done in simple, determined steps with the help of a firm that is fully up-to-date on all aspects of the current technology. Small Biz Dezines has a squad of experts that make it possible for you to control your website and success with integrity. We don’t rely on fancy contracts that you can’t get out of like so many other companies. The team at Small Biz Dezines has been building websites since the mid 1990’s and has stayed at the forefront of technology to help assure your success. Here is what you’re dealing with: straight, simple easy-to-understand talk. It will take a few minutes to fully grasp and embrace these facts.

Statistical Data

According to the most recent studies, as of Feb. 2011 there are approximately 23,633,010,000 indexed web pages on the World Wide Web.

That’s over 23 billion and growing with as many as a total of 65 billion web pages out there. This leads us to a bunch of interesting statistics. Google has about 20 billion or so web pages indexed or about 1/3 of all of the web pages in the world found by its search engines. Yahoo and Bing only have about half as many indexed. The rest of the 150 or so search engines out there, along with the 1,300 or so of the so called Internet Directories, are averaging 20% of Google’s numbers or less. Many of these Search Engines and Internet Directories contain 1% or less of Google’s numbers.

Poor Performance

What these numbers tell us: Search Engines go out and find web sites… most are not very good at it.

Even Google would fail if it were a test in school with only 35% of the web pages out there found and indexed. Of course directories do much worse, as you have to help them if you are ever going to get found inside of them. The difference between search engines and directories is search engines have robots to go looking and directories require you to submit your information to them.

How People Search the Web

At first glance it looks as if most people find web pages by using about 15 – 20 key search engines or web directories. Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask are at the top of that short list.

However, this information is very misleading. How many times has one of these sites led you to one place and you saw a link in that other site that took you to what you were really looking for? Thousands of times — if you’re like most people. It is these other sites, most often the other search engines and web site directories, that actually helped you find the data that suited you best. More recently, you are probably finding yourself in any one of thousands of blogs, forums and private and public social networks as well when searching out your desired information. That is because they are gaining in ranking faster than normal websites and, quite frankly they have the content or are willing to share how and where to find it. In some ways, it is getting more confusing and complicated to find what we’re looking for. But remember, it was less than 5 years ago when we were told there where 100 million web sites. The web is growing fast, it is building a lot of content and billions of content providers. You’re just one of them. You can actually win and get on top if you are willing to do the work. The rewards are worth a literal fortune and your business may depend on it.

Why Google is Number 1

Interestingly enough, Google and its robots do the very same thing to help rank and index pages and they are very good at it.

Its robots search the web and follow all of these links and they also follow you and see where you go and end up. They track how long you stay on a page. They track the pages’ topics, subjects and most used or looked at media. Then, it remembers all of this by placing it in huge directories and data bases.

The Problem in Getting Your Website and Pages Found On-Line

You are literally competing with every one of the 65 billion other web pages out there to get face time and priority recognition in:

  • Google
  • It’s top 20 competitors
  • The smaller, more specialized search engines and web directories

When you add it all together, you have a real fight for top placement on your hands. It no longer works to focus on a few key words and a meta description to get found. You will have to fight and get better in several ways.

Solutions to the Dilemma of Getting Found

Solutions fall into three primary categories:


1) Pay for your success within each Search Engine and/or Directory. Unless you are Bill Gates, it might be impossible to buy placement in them all. So when you get telemarketers trying to make you an offer to advertise or buy placement on their directory or search engine, I suggest you pass. Would you buy advertising in a yellow page phone book if there were thousands of them in your town? No. So don’t – unless you’re willing to settle for just Google or Yahoo directly. This leads us to option # 2.

2) Shared placement tools: Various Companies buy top slots for certain key words in bulk from popular search engines and directories. They resell it to you by the zip code. You get that top slot when someone searches for that particular key word from a web browser located in that particular zip code. It saves you a lot of money on buying leads or position from areas that are not part of your particular target market and is actually much cheaper for its results than buying Adwords at Google and others. We have reviewed several. We can work together and find the right ones for you and your business.

3) Surprisingly, fighting your way to the top is still not all that hard. It is like getting in shape physically, it takes some discipline and some exercise. In other words, you build a web site with all of the right components. You include a blog inside of it (NOT a stand alone one that links to your site). You host a private social network with forums and you keep a solid supply of fresh, informative multi-media content. Then, you properly share that content with social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Winning is a Team Sport

We here at Small Biz Dezines did not put our packages together just to make money… We build them and price them with everything you need to make your website a success. Honestly, we wish we didn’t have to include as many components and that you didn’t have to help us with content and updates. Yet together, we can win this fight. We have proved it to others and will prove it to you. Please consider focusing on our packages. We have what you need, and we know it is most likely more than you want. Let’s work as a team and get you results. Honest, long term, solid results without temporary tricks or gimmicks that will eventually fail.