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Hosting and supporting a website is a tricky thing for both you the business owner and for us the designers and hosting services. A great hosting service must be able to support all of the different computer languages that the various features and parts of your website need in order to function. It is a lot like trying to install a new program on either an old computer or a Microsoft program on a Mac. They have to match and match well. Just like with your own computer, you have to match speed and computer resources to the expected demands of the website as well. If Facebook tried to host everything that they do on a single computer with dial up, none of us would have much fun using their services.

Thus, the following packages have been designed to best match four critical parts of hosting and supporting a quality website.

1) Hosting The actual computer resources that you will need to store your site as well as the demands of time and speed that your volume of visitors will need to enjoy accessing your site. It is every website owner’s dream (and fear) that they get so much traffic on their website, that they have to buy an old shopping mall just to hold all of the computers they need to service the website. If you start getting that big, we will have to revisit your plan a bit. The following plans do provide sufficient power, speed and resources to serve most every need. Just keep in mind, if your site really takes off then we may need to upgrade your level of service at some point.

Our Hosting Packages include:

  • Disk Storage – 1000MB
  • Data Transfer – 20 GB
  • Sub Domains – 15
  • Domain Parking – 5
  • Email Account
  • Webmail
  • SMTP, POP3, IMAP Servers
  • Anti-virus Software

Hosting Package Required for our Website Packages

Do It Yourself websites require the Economy Hosting Package at $70 per year.

HTML/CSS Custom Websites require the Economy Hosting Package at $70 per year.

CMS Designed Websites require the Standard Hosting Package at $75 per year.

Standard CMS Websites require the Standard Hosting Package at $75 per year.

Interactive Blog Sites require the Standard Hosting Package at $75 per year.

Private Social Network Websites require the Interactive Blog Site Hosting Package at $100 per year.

Mass Merchant Websites require the Mass Merchant Hosting Package at $60 per month + $.05 a product insertion.The $.05 a product is billed by monthly invoice the following month product  inserted.

Total Website Solution Bundle requires the Total Website Bundle Hosting Package at $100 per month + $.05 a product insertion. The $.05 a product is billed by monthly invoice the following month product inserted.

Choose your hosting package below or talk to one of our sales representatives in your area.


2) Search Engine Optimization is a critical part of hosting and managing a website. The most critical parts of optimizing a website include:

  • great, content rich text and images and media
  • meaningful website names, page names, image names and titles
  • meta tag names, words and descriptions
  • frequent updates and content additions to keep the site fresh and new

Ultimately, the above items are up to the business owner to provide. There are dozens of other things that your web host can provide to help make sure your placement and rankings in the search engines are at their peak. When it comes to our pre-made bundles, we do our best to take into account the size and effort that you are putting into your own site and try to match it with the correct SEO plan.


We will be glad to discuss your hosting, support and training needs in great detail and with full confidentiality. Contact our office and schedule a phone conference todetermine your needs and the best solutions. If you take the time to review all of our products, services and pricing, you will see that we do not take advantage of our clients. We have over 30 years experience working with small business owners and really want to match you up with exactly what you need, both now and in the future.Call Sara at (530) 558-5160 to schedule a confidential conversation.


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