Never before in history have we seen such a migration from traditional job life to a more free and independent life style. Working from home, on-line and on the road is a must have for many of us. Look at the tiny house movement. Look at the endless travelers who are taking longer European style holidays. The need to be free, travel or visit our families spread across the globe is more and more pressing. Millions of people want the dream of a home based business. Yet the vast majority that attempt quickly return to the traditional dead end job world even more disappointed than they started.

Man in home office on telephone using computer and smiling

No company or school understands this more than Small Biz Dezines Career Training Center and its benefactor Total Custom Solutions. TCS went virtual a decade ago on all aspects of their printing company except production facilities. All sales offices, administration, Customer service staff and the teams associated with the order process have all worked from home since early 2007. SBDCTC started virtual and has stayed that way with 1 exception. Our small beta test classroom site in SWFL.

We know the joys, demands, pressures and needs of the home based business and job world. ALL of our programs are designed specifically for individuals to not only learn, train, intern and mature into their chosen field from home. They are built and designed for you to be able to continue to earn your income and become a true successful home based business from the joy of your home (large or tiny), inside your RV or while visiting or traveling anywhere you can get internet connection for your tablet or laptop.

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