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All websites have a header area. Some are very minimalistic and may only have a single line or  name and look like a letterhead. Others are much more striking or intricate. Some are actual works of art or are designed to look curved or slanted so it doesn’t look boxy.

Over the past few years, most sites have done away with big headers. They do so for many reasons. They open more slowly or not at all in some browsers or smart phones, are costly to create and take time to design. In our instant society, these may be substantial reasons to consider something less elaborate.

Ultimately the choice is yours. We have built this site the way we have to show that you have options and are not stuck with a simple look if you want something more expressive. However, every choice has advantages and disadvantages. Feel free to study the opinions of this topic in detail here.

If you know what you have or want, then please take a moment and fill out the form below.

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