Graphic Design Students are professional artists who use their skills and craft in an organized way that promotes the branding for all types of corporations, organizations and entities as well as the products, goods and services they offer.

It is through the visual blending of good marketing strategies with the visual dreams and interpretations of each and every brand that drive the success of all business and organizations. Graphic Designers are the professionals that listen and take the vision of the business leaders and bring to life the personality, message and life of each product goods or services that they design for.

This is the essence of becoming a professional commercial graphic designer/artist. Our program teaches students how to conceive, create, design, promote, deliver and drive their brand and their branded products, goods and services in a professional and highly productive manner. Unlike traditional artists who use digital art software we are measured by a different standard. Not just how aesthetically pleasing a work is… But, how effective it is a driving brand recognition and creating brand acceptance and conversions to brand ownership and/or involvement.


No school in the USA teaches this better than Small Biz Dezines Career Training Center. Be it in small live intern style classroom settings or through the use of online virtual classroom and training systems. All students learn hands on in real world settings and projects in a structure and format that mimics the real world that they will eventually work in. It is this hands on experience and carefully mentored settings that make each learning experience perfectly customized for the needs of each student. Our great country is driven by commerce and it is the Graphic Designers who deliver the commerce to the world in an effective and prosperous way.

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