Graphic Design

We have several very talented graphic artists who work for us in various capacities. Some are better at logo creation while others are very technical or artistic. We charge $50 per hour with a retainer of a three-hour minimum on most general creative efforts. Most of our printing is a flat rate $150 for a logo design, $50 per page for a general custom layout. Below you will see our fees for Header designs for your website. These are NON-FLASH website header designs. Flash is available but ONLY by custom quote. Animated GIF’s are usually an additional $100–$250.

Custom Header Design

They say that first impressions count. Visitors to your site will long remember their first impression. A custom-designed header can give your website a unique feel and add a sense of personality to your website.
Most professional sites have a very straight forward and simple header for many reasons. A header image at the top of your page that just has your name, tag line and logo are very popular and this one is free, if you already have a digital version of your logo.

Price FREE with website package purchase

Price Free with Website Purchase

Custom Logo & Header Design

For those of you who need a custom header and do not already have a logo design, we will create both for you. This is actually a very time intensive process and could be much more expensive. However, we provide it as a special service for our customers.It is a collaborative effort with all of us putting our heads together to come up with the perfect logo and header for your business.

Price $225.00

Brand Development (includes Custom Logo & Header Design)

Branding is vital to your long term success, if you ever want to stay locked into the public’s mind. This is why most advertising efforts never seem to get any positive result — EVER! Branding includes your logo, font choices, color choices, tag lines, etc. Our sales and marketing team has decades of experience with hundreds of small businesses and will gladly step in and share ideas with you. We look forward to assisting you in establishing a real branded look and feel that gets results in all of your marketing efforts.

Price $300.00

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