Graduating Debt Free, is, or should be, the dream of every college student. Right?

Honestly that is a hard answer… The best schools are expensive and very demanding. Making paying for them in cash is almost impossible. Getting a part time job while in school screws up the studies and loads on more debt…


So what do you do?

Sacrifice your future by going to a dumb cheap community college or taking a slightly reduced load and work your butt off for 5 years and graduate debt free.

What did you gain besides a good work ethic? Probably not much… Which is why over 80% of graduates don’t work in their chosen field.

Solution, Small Biz Dezines Career Training Center teaches students in real world settings using the most advanced tools and systems while preparing you to be a real asset and a value in your industry even before you graduate. Plus, all that real work that you do while your in work study. Actually pays all of your tuition.

Your teachers, mentors and coaches are right there with you while you get hands on real world training and experience and the schools benefactor pays your tab. It is how it is suppose to be and when your done you wont need to find a job that can finally teach you how to do your job.

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