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NOTE: If you have a Monthly Hosting Package with us, this feature is included at no extra cost.

We get high-volume contract rates and can purchase most domain names for $20–$30. However, .co’s and some others are a bit more expensive. We charge you whatever it costs us to buy your domain name PLUS an additional $10 to cover our time and effort. If you currently own a domain name, we will redirect your existing domain name to your new website for the same $10. It sounds like an easy process and many times it is, yet, other times it becomes a serious hassle. Thus, we feel this flat rate fee is a real bargain for you.

Please note: if we do not manage your domain name, we cannot be responsible for it not working correctly.

We start by collecting $20 from you, which is usually enough depending on the name that you wish to purchase. If it is more, we will discuss it with you before we proceed.

If you have a Monthly Hosting Package with us, this feature is included in your existing cost.

Domain names registration can be purchased for 1 year up to 5 years at a time. We offer all of the years available as a service to you. We can renew or transfer any domain that you own.

When purchasing domain names registration from us please choose how many years you want to purchase the domain name for.

We will purchase or renew the domain name for you in your name, redirect it to a website that you already own or park it at a website host account for your existing website. Please give us as much information as you can about any domain names you own that need transferred or renewed at time of purchase. This way we can get your domain name renewed and transferred quickly so your  your website is functional for you.

If we transfer your domain name for you from another domain name registrar we include set up, redirect,  transfer and renewal for 1 year.

Choose the renewal option is you are just renewing one of your domains that we have previously purchased or renewed for you.

If you want us to transfer a domain name that you own then ONLY choose this option and tell us in the personalization area what the domain name is.

We charge as follows for domain names

.COM’s – $30

.NET’s -$30

.INFO’s -$30

.ORG’s – $30

.ME’s -$30

. CO’s – $30

.BIZ’s – $30

.BZ’s – $30

.TV’s – $30

and any other extensions you think are necessary for your website(s).


ICANN is the Non-Profit Organization that is responsible for the assignment of IP addresses to all new domain names and also controls the pricing and creation of new “DOT” names the the newest “.co”. They also are responsible to sort out any ownership claims and disputes that happen.
They have worked hard to create a competitive market place to hold down the actual sales price for domain name to end users. We are a result of that effort and choose to add a small $10 fee to the comon domain names and $20 to the specialty domain names over the low selling prices available. What is different with our service is that we take the time to actually point or redirect your site and make sure everything is attached. This can be a time consuming effort. We will gladly discuss the effort with you by phone or help you by e-mail to make sure everything goes smoothly. We think that is worth $10 – $20. Don’t you?


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