Do-it-Yourself Websites

Our Do-It-Yourself websites use a state-of-the-art interface with 100+ unique design templates for you to choose from. Each are fully customizable OR usable as-is. ALL of our Do-It-Yourself websites require a one-time setup fee and an on-going monthly fee with a three-year commitment, unless you sell or close your business. Then, the contract automatically expires. They are also part of our Website Bundles as our starting priced bundle.

Our Do It Yourself websites require our economy hosting package which must be purchased for an annual fee of $70. Our standard Do It Yourself Websites do not include any support. The cost is $400.00.

Our Do It Yourself Websites can be purchased for  $200.00 if you also purchase a support package separately.

  • No contract $100 a month
  • One year contract of $75 a month
  • 6 month contract and $60 a month for a 3 year contract.

Choose which option fits your budget best.

Once you purchase your Do It Yourself website you will receive an email within 48 business hours with the link to your Do It Yourself website , simple instructions on how to get started, and your user information for the moderated support forum if you have purchased that support package. If you have any questions after that and you have purchased one of our support packages then you can ask questions via our Moderated Forum.

Moderated Forum Support  includes the ability to submit forum questions to our support staff while you are building your Do It Yourself website. You will receive email notification when your questions have been answered for your convenience.

Hosting and support packages will be invoiced separately.

Choose which Do It Yourself Website below that works best for you/and your business.


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