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A man who represents himself in court… has a fool for a client!

These are not our words, of course. They have been around for a long, long time. The concept rings true both in legal matters and for any important decision.

We are our own best asset, our families second and our businesses are third. When it comes to our families and ourselves, there is no better investment than the investment of education, self-improvement and investing in our circles of support. The correlation is astoundingly high. The more sound and wise the circle of support, the more profound the quality of life that we obtain.

Our businesses often starve for attention, support and the fresh input that mentors, coaches and quality consultants can provide.

We rarely hire or use top rated lawyers, Ad agencies, and the finest consultants. The reasons are simple. Money and fear of change.

Here at Small Biz Dezines and Consulting, we strive to find effective solutions that are within your budget, are of high value and fully satisfy the goals and objectives of your company. We are down-to-earth moral ethical family people with decades of experience and skills to insure your total results and success. Over the years, our team has developed thousands of successful sales and marketing people, started a couple of hundred businesses, led dozens of major corporate expansion plans and sat on about four dozen boards of directors. Our ability to streamline costs while increasing productivity speaks for itself. Our ownership is a second generation bail out expert and has literally saved over 100 businesses from bankruptcy with surprising statistical percentages.

We are consultants first, web designers second and became a significant printing company by accident.

We do not require high retainers or long-term contracts. We are used to proving our worth and love a good challenge. The number of new clients that we take is limited to availability as we put in a massive amount of effort and energy to each one early in our relationship. Our plans are very flexible and designed to help you get your project on its feet.

Our best wishes to you and yours  — Management

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