Small Biz Dezines is a successful company with manufacturing and production facilities in
several states, as well as relationships with some very exclusive top wholesale-only vendors.
Due to the economic situation and lack of trust and success in traditional advertising methods,
business owners of all types and sizes are turning to online advertising and marketing. This is known as self-marketing or Guerrilla Marketing, with the aid of custom printed materials. To better understand our opportunities please read our expansion strategy by clicking here.


Our business has doubled in the past two years and shows no sign of slowing down.

We need self-motivated individuals, teams, and businesses, who want to have a genuine work-from-home secure position, or have an additional income stream for an existing business.

Positions that we are currently seeking to fill are:


    • Knowledgeable in Gimp, Photoshop, or Illustrator
      • We provide valuable training and then pay for interns who have some talent, but are not yet fully experienced in commercial graphic arts for websites. We also train those who have not yet cross-trained to design well-marketed custom printing that can generate sales for our clients. As long as you have basic graphic skills, our FREE intern program can teach you the rest!
      • All work is done online from home.
      • Beginning interns are given online website graphics to start.
      • All print images must be saved as a 150 – 300dpi PDF, high resolution and medium resolution .jpg with a transparent sample watermark for proofing by the client and its original layers from whatever software that was used to create the image.
      • All images are the property of Small Biz Dezines upon payment.
        • This internship can lead to a well-paid position within days of proving your ability!
        • Once promoted to a work-from-home Staff Artist you may qualify for all types of graphic work for print and online graphics. Income will range from 25% – 45% of our charged fees for this service
          • Income is paid via PayPal after being approved by the client and sent into production.  
          • Intern’s Compensation
            • Interns are paid 20% – 35% of all client-approved and accepted designs.
            • Senior Artists Compensation

A Senior Artist is one who

  • Have a history of needing very little direction from management,
  • First time approval percentage of 70%
  • Consistently hitting deadlines
  • They can be paid up to 65% of our profits!

      • Grammar Skills
      • Typing Skills
      • High Speed Internet
      • Individuals to work from home by responding to questions from visitors to our websites.
      • Hours are flexible. You commit to your hours two weeks in advance—you must fulfill your commitment!
      • Each week we post a schedule online for three weeks ahead and list the number of people needed for each of the 24 hours of the day. It will also list how many customer service reps are needed for each of the 3 main USA time zones. Then you pick what hours you want to work!
      • All applicants for these positions will be tested for basic knowledge of our website and how it functions, as well as basic knowledge of websites and printing. (All of that information is available on our site)
      • Interns who are learning our websites, products, and services, are paid a 10% commission on successful conversions to clients.
      • Once you advance to a proven staff customer service person, you can choose how you are paid. You can choose hourly for the actual hours you work—or by commission on the clients that you service online.
      • Your conversion percentages, and your ability to create a positive experience for the website visitor, will determine how much you will be paid.
      • You will be paid by PayPal weekly either, your hourly rate times hours worked, or by commission — which ever applies to your position. Hourly rate Customer Service reps must keep busy by doubling as a Virtual Visitor when not busy with customers.

    Anyone who is determined, with a reasonable level of education, could have this well-paying work-from-home position. We track every person who visits our site. We know where they are accessing the internet, how long they are on our site, and how many pages and which pages they visit! We also track your, interactions with visitors, your missed opportunities, your text conversations, and the accuracy of your knowledge and information that you share. This is a real opportunity for you to create additional income!


    You must be

    • Articulate
    • Consistent
    • Dependable
    • Professional
    • Able to manage yourself successfully
    • Able to follow simple rules
    • Minimal level of understanding similar to our customer service personal—just not as extensive. You will have an assessment test before being able to start.


    • We hire Professional Greeters to drum up prospects for our sales and customer service teams.
    • Projects may include, working booths in local events and trade shows, attending business functions and chamber events, networking meetings, visiting local area businesses and convincing them to get a quote/estimate/bid on a project—or to visit our website, or any number of other creative activities that result in growing our customer base in your local area.
    • Hours are flexible!
    • The company will provide all promotional materials and supplies, except personal business cards (not required). Those are available at 1/2 of our retail (about $30/1000).
    • You must be able to maintain good records and communicate via e-mail and phone.
      • Entry level Greeters start as Interns on a 10% commission basis. As your skills improve, and opportunities arise, you may be promoted to an hourly position.
      • Applicants must be proven in telemarketing
      • Able to prove activity on various online social networks and friend sites
      • MUST be able to keep meticulous records
      • No previous sales skills are required for this position as the leads will be turned over to our sales and customer service teams.
      • Unlike the customer service teams who watch over our websites and interact with visitors, virtual greeters are a creative sort, who use internet or phone methods to encourage various business owners, or any other prospect who is in need of our company’s services, to visit our website.
      • This position is extremely flexible, you will set your own hours and projects. All projects must be approved before attempted.
      • Ideas include, efforts made in Facebook, Twitter, Four Square, blogging on our site to increase traffic, any and all professional social media/ forums chat rooms etc. This also includes using reverse marketing and actual telemarketing to find prospects.
      • Be free to do what you do best—virtually visit the world, online and on the phone, with the goal of supplying people with an awesome website or amazingly priced printed products.
      • Compensation will vary depending on the approved project.
      • Proven virtual greeters have opportunities to be able to work for our clients as well as our own company needs.
      • The ability to self-generate leads is a must!
      • Sales professionals must be experienced have all of the skill sets found in our other positions—with a few exceptions.
      • You must be a strong, disciplined closer.
      • Our Sales Reps are needed to follow up either live, or by phone, with prospects that were generated by, our customer service teams, our professional greeters, and virtual visitors
      • Your earnings will be based on three factors.
    1. Are we paying you a full commission or a lesser commission because someone else generated the lead?
    2. What kind of closing average you have (based on tracking your leads given vs. revenues generated)
    3. What kind of volume you are doing?
    • Commissions can be as high as 50% of gross profit or 70% of gross profit if you are managing your own local team.
    • We will track everything and pay accordingly, which is awesome for you because for once you really can get paid for what you are worth!
    • If you like to get your own leads, you get paid more. If you like to work from fresh leads and make a little less, or be the cleaner and power close the “ones who gotaway” and get paid accordingly – the choice and opportunity is yours!


    All of our retail pricing is based on “keystone pricing”, or a 100% up. Which means half of our retail pricing is set aside for incomes and company profits while the other 50% is set aside to produce and pay for what is sold. ALL sales professionals and commissioned customer service employees can negotiate pricing and split the reduced or increased profits accordingly.

    Our management and ownership are some of America’s most decorated direct sales and network marketing professionals, and are very willing to pay those who perform well. We are also willing to work with those who are burned-out and don’t have the drive or ambition any more to really do what they once were motivated to do but still have the “teeth” for the job.

  •  SBDC Retailers/Home Based Business and Private Label Vendor
    • We offer a unique opportunity for small business owners and entrepreneurs to enter into a vendor relationship by offering our printing products and website design services/upgrades and Search Engine Optimization service. This can be as a simple as, an additional income stream—to a full-fledged print and web design business that incorporates all aspects of our systems and services. We do offer private branding and private website solution options for our retailers.
    • As with the sales professionals, we do mark up all of our items on the website so they are at 50% gross profit margin and 50% cost to produce. Our company incomes and margins are inside the 50% gross profit margin NOT the 50% production cost side. This keeps our cost down and under almost every other retailer.
    • We start retailers at a 60% share of the gross profits and depending on volume, level of help and support needed. We will consider raising that percentage to as much as 80% of the gross profit. We allow all of our retailers to sell at any price over our production cost and then split the gross profit accordingly.
    • Some restrictions do apply—contact us for full details and questions.

  • Affiliate Advertising

    Contact us and request us to alert you when it is up and running

Please use the following form to contact us for a confidential and thorough visit about any and or all of these opportunities.

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