Expansion Strategy

SBDC has a very specific long term growth and expansion strategy that surrounds four key factors.

  1. Our continued long term growth in web design and print manufacturing, sales and development
  2. Our ability to create high end web sites and dominate search engines like Google
  3. Our decades of experience in developing national direct sales forces for other firms
  4. Our economic situations dictates that businesses resort to well established self marketing techniques and leave high cost poorly productive advertising methods like TV, Radio, Billboards and Newspaper.
Self Marketing via web sites and on-line strategies as well as all forms of custom printed promotional materials that target specific potential customers is currently the only real safe method of business growth for any business. SBDC is the ONLY  company in the United States who has Top Quality printed materials from Tee shirts to Bumper Stickers and from Brochures to interactive web sites AND has the skills, knowledge and experience to help businesses develop their own marketing strategies. Our CEO has recruited and trained nearly 40,000 sales people for various companies over his life and has helped over 1000 companies with hands on assistance to grow and stabilize their businesses. Blend that together with some of the strongest on-line social network and SEO strategists in the world and you have a consulting team that is fierce and effective.

Our Growth Strategy

is multi-faceted in as much as we will use on-line sales with on-the-ground direct sales teams as we expand into different markets. The core of our operations will utilize technology (web sites, video, webinars etc.) for a lot of our training and supervision and lead generation.

As we elect to advance into various markets we will place ads in craigslist for qualified candidates. Each market will start with a team of sales professionals and depending on their needs we will add in a team of support persons such as customer service pros, professional greeters and virtual visitors to develop qualified prospects. In addition we will target our web sites to drive local search traffic in that market to the appropriate website(s).

As each market develops we will add in additional graphic designers and eventually we will establish and contract local brick and mortar retail partners with in-store kiosk print ad copy operations.

Finally markets will become stabilized with a regional sales and marketing team that is very self sufficient with a variety of local retail fronts, outside sales  and lead generation people.

Most all of the printing and website development as well as the majority of the Customer service teams, sales management an corporate trainers, estimators will be managed at a corporate level with many of them working from home in a virtual office environment. All custom bids, printing and manufacturing will remain in house and additional firms will be contracted to assist SBDC as we grow.

It is our experience that a local market can be developed and established to the point that it is completely stable and a significant printing competitor in the local market within a 6 month window from the time we start putting the initial primary sales pros into place. Experience also dictates that each markets should be able to create sales equal to population. Thus a 250,000 population market should be able to perform at about $250,000.00 a month in sales with projections as follows:

1st six months after the first on-the-ground sales rep is trained is set up phase. Sales will occur but the volume varies depending on the skills of that/those sales rep(s).

Goal 1 sales person per every 100k of population.

1st full year (after 6 mo. set up) $1 in sales per person population in the market place.

2nd year $1 per quarter per person population in the market place. (All team members are in place fully trained and retail kiosks and fronts are fully functional and mass marketing and advertising is underway)

3rd year $1 per month per person population in the market place. (Sales are perfected and SBDC is now a recognized brand in that market)

Long term regional marketing and sales will be driven and overseen by a regional sales manager who will rise from the early staff and team.