Small Biz Dezines is a 35-year work in progress. We are always in the process of evolving and adapting. Our founders are second-generation management, consulting and troubleshooting experts with over 30 years of direct computer expertise. Founding family members worked on the early punch card computer systems that you read about in history books. Together, they have successfully saved over 30 major corporations from bankruptcy and have helped hundreds of small business owners.

Small Biz Dezines’ ownership has continued to adapt and change over the years. We have stayed in the forefront as market conditions, needs and new opportunities became available.  We earn our living by providing solutions to business owners for printing, consulting, internet marketing and website solutions.

We grow our business by helping our friends through the sharing and development of ideas and strategies. ALL of our experts are seasoned and highly proficient at their individual roles and duties. We are here to serve you. Together, we grow stronger and more prosperous.